Mount Kenya April 2015

Another trip up Mt Kenya, this time with my good friend Federico. We have both climbed up to Pt. Lenana a number of times so we decided it was time to do some exploration. We hiked up the route we both knew well – Sirimon. We drove up to Old Moses in the afternoon, left the car there and hiked the most direct route up to Shipton’s Camp. Both of us had been in Nanyuki for a while so weren’t too worried about the usual walk up to Old Moses from the gate to acclimatise. Our original plan was to circumnavigate the peaks and make it back to Shipton’s for the next night.

We woke to a fresh covering of snow in the morning. What a beautiful view with the sun rising! We began hiking up the scree, off the tracks to find a different route up towards Pt Lenana. Once we got up, we saw the weather was coming in from the East, and after some deliberations, decided to keep our exploration to this side of the mountain and not risk getting caught up in it, a long way away from phone signal, and our camp. We went up to Pt Lenana, found a spot just below the peak away from the wind, got out our map and compass and found some places we wanted to explore. It was great fun seeing parts of the mountain we had not yet visited. We did get caught up in the weather and with minimal visibility, made our way back to the camp. Federico took at dip in the freezing water in one of the tarns! (BRAVE!). We made it back to Shipton’s, had a hot brew and good night’s sleep and slowly made our way back down the mountain the following day via Leakey North.

An excellent trip! Thanks for the adventures Federico!

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